The Whuffie Bank is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a new currency based on reputation that could be redeemed for real and virtual products and services. The higher your reputation, the wealthier you are.

It's in the same spirit of Creative Commons, an organization that's changing the contract between our ideas and us; we want to build an open organization that aims to measure and enable the exchange of online reputation.


The launch

How it works


For today's world's needs, those who can make a positive contribution to society aren't always the ones who can produce as much. So we need to go a step forward and create a new kind of currency that's not based only on productivity, but on a deeper core value that we can now begin to measure: Reputation.

The Whuffie (a term coined by Cory Doctorow) is issued based on a reputation algorithm that blends information from different social networks. As we develop and refine the algorithm that tracks public user activity over the net, the Whuffie will become an accurate reflection of your web reputation. And as the Internet and social networks become a large part of people’s lives, your web influence will become an increasingly accurate reflection of you.

Your support

The Whuffie Bank today is alive thanks to the generous and continued support of people like you. Spread the word about WHF to your friends and family or donate and help build the commons.

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The Whuffie Bank is a growing collaborative effort led by technologist, entrepreneurs, economists and enthusiasts all over the world.

Mr. Santi Siri

Santiago Siri

Founder & Designer
Mr. Martin añazco

Martin Añazco

Founder & Producer
Mr. Martin Conte Mac Donell

Martin Conte Mac Donell

Founder & Developer
Mr. Diego Meller

Diego Meller

Founder & Domainer
Mr. Emiliano Kargieman

Emiliano Kargieman

Founder & Mathematics
Mr. Renzo Carbonara

Renzo Carbonara

Software Developer

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