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Who Needs CD/DVD Duplication?

No matter how far technology advances into livestreaming videos and music, there is still often a need for physical media such as CDs and DVDs. Printing discs through a professional service is a great way to get noticed out in the world, especially if you spend a lot of time looking for clients at trade shows, fairs, and more. Who really needs CD/DVD duplication services?

Companies Big and Small

If you’re in any sort of business, whether a small startup or a Fortune 500, printing CDs and DVDs is a great way to get your name noticed by a broader customer base. Keep current clients informed about what’s new, and inform new clients about what you do with affordable media they can take with them when visiting trade shows and more.

Musicians and Artists

Whether you’re a budding musician or some other sort of artist, CDs and DVDs are the perfect way to help you get noticed. Create your own albums for sale or distribution, or create samples to send in to recording studios and agents.

If you are in any sort of business where you wish to spread the word about your business or your talents, then you can likely benefit from CD/DVD duplication services. Look for a reliable company with quick turn-around times, quality duplication processes, and affordable pricing. In no time at all, you’ll have your hands on plenty of discs to distribute however you see fit.

Creating A Successful Business Printing Campaign

Your business printing media will be one of the most important marketing tools you will need to create. Each printed item carries important business information that will be handed out to your customers and prospects. From business cards to letter head, and brochures your message needs to be clear, easy to read and look professional.  Below are a few suggestions on how to make your business printing campaign successful.

Create a one line slogan or tag line – If your business name is not clear on what you do, then it is important to create a one line slogan that will help people remember what you are selling.

Add your logo to all business printing – this is where you might want to have a professional designer help you create your logo. A good logo design should symbolize your service or product in some way. Your logo should be designed to work on a scalable basis to fit your brochures, letter head, business cards and other print media.

Make sure and include your website and email address – Your future customers will want to know your email and website address so they can look into your product or services.

Make your print readable – Make sure your font size is large enough to read and your font color stands out on your business printing media. Light colors on a light back ground are very difficult to read and if your customers can not read the information you could lose a sale. Your printed materials should clearly communicate how to reach you and what you do.

Make your print media stand out from the rest – Your brochure, business card or flyer can end up on someone’s desk or in a drawer. By using high gloss paper and effective bright colors will make your marketing efforts stand out.

Have your printing done by a professional business – If your printed material looks like you printed it yourself or is flimsy to hold, it can leave your customer with a first impression that they are dealing with a cheap company. Make sure and have all your business printing done by a reputable print company.

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