There are several different ways to have your film transferred into a digital format. In order to get a quality transfer from your film you will want to find a company that specialized in film to DVD or other digital media.

If your film was stored properly most 8mm and Super 8 film will last between 75-85 years without to much degradation. If you still have a working film projector and you can play the film without a problem then you should get a good quality transfer from your film. Even if the film does not run smooth through your projector, many companies will have the expertise and equipment to get your film to play back smoothly.

Most film transfer companies use a film projector that displays the image through a telecine and is picked up by a 3 chip video camera to record the image. The quality of the transfer will depend on what type of telecine is being used and what type of video camera is tied into the transfer system. A professional quality 3 chip camera is going to give far better results than a cheaper 3 chip consumer camera. The average charge to transfer your film to a digital format is anywhere between $.012 to $0.18 per foot of film. Archiving your home movies to a digital format is an investment that should be taken seriously since you may not have another chance to transfer them again. The old saying you get what you pay for applies here, so cheaper is not always better.